Knitted Aran Jumper & Crocheted Circular Cushion Covers

After a trip to Berlin this month I picked up some beautiful yarn. Naturally I started to crochet the usual circles! But I do feel that it really shows off the fantastic colours throughout the balls of yarn.

20140119_131141 20140119_13115320140119_131025 20140119_131051

This jumper was knitted by my hugely talented neighbour. She also knitted an Aran jumper for my partner in maroon. Seeing how wonderful the jumper came out has inspired me to give knitting a try.20140119_131231 20140119_131347 Knitted beanie from my neighbour.20140119_131411 My attempt at knitting! 20140119_131428

Christmas & Random Acts of Crochet Kindness

The cold, wet weather of Europe has felt more Chirstmassey than ever after an Australian Christmas last year. Snow boots, winter jackets and wooly crocheted hats are keeping me warm, and the wonderful fireplace of course.


Continuing with tradition, I crocheted Christmas presents for my family again this year. A large ball of Aran wool was the perfect choice for wooly beanies. I stuck to a simple pattern as I had six to complete.

Crocheted Aran Beanies 20131123_174605 20131214_113608

After finishing all presents I thought about what to do with the remaining wool. I decided to crochet another beanie for an old friend who I rarely see but speak to every now and then. This would be my second random act of crochet kindness. My first was crocheted bunting which I posted to a friend in Wales. Her life had become a big inspiration to me over the last two years and I wanted to make her something to show my gratitude.

20131122_153715Possibly the most exciting thing about this Christmas was the arrival of two pom-pom makers which I have used to create Christmas decorations and added to the wooly beanies.


Embroidery ♥

Last night I went to a beginners embroidery class. I have never done any kind of embroidery at all but felt that it was something that I would like to do. I loved it! When I got home I was so excited, I started to add lots of embroidery patterns to my list and can’t wait to get started!


Crocheted Cushion Cover Crazy!

Recently I have started to create cushion covers again. It’s been a while since I’ve made any but I’m enjoying it so much I’m already on my fourth cover! This time around I’m putting a lot more attention into the details and learning more as I go along!
20130724_131533 20130724_131517This little bead with the shamrock came from Ireland with my mum when she visited. It reminds me of a pea. I often think about adding it into something I’ve crocheted but have yet to make something special enough.


I’ve only really posted photos of the finished crocheted items so this shows how messy the floor can get when I’m in the middle of a project!

20130720_224136 20130720_223211

Crocheted Bunny & Autumn Flowers

I crocheted this hot water bottle cover a few months ago but never got around to putting a photo up online so here it is! I basically made up the pattern as I went along. It’s fits pretty snug at the start but gradually loosens after being filled up a few times.

Crocheted Hot Water Bottle Cover
I also created a variation to send home to my mum ♥

Crocheted Hot Water Bottle Cover HeartI’ve recently started creating hand-made cards to send to family and friend back in Ireland. I really love creating something from scratch and giving that personal feel, rather than just buying a generic (and usually overpriced) card from the store. Crocheted Flower CardCrocheting little toys has definitely become my favourite pass-time. I just love seeing these little guys come to life. They make great little gifts for friends too!Crocheted Bunny RabbitI spent the afternoon today out in the garden taking macro photos of the beautiful flowers and plants : )20130526_155931 20130526_155857 20130526_155840 20130526_155750 20130526_155153 20130526_155953 20130526_154925 20130526_154909 20130526_153829 20130526_154137 20130526_153740      Australian Autumn Leaf Australian Autumn Tree

Crocheted Little Owl

The weekend flew by, and I’m shocked that it is already Sunday evening. Yesterday N and I went for a short hike with friends along a Mount Dandenong hiking path. Despite the terrible rain I manged to get a few interesting photos.

Mount Dandenong Autumn FogMount Dandenong Autumn Tree Mount Dandenong Autumn Tree LeafAs usual, I also spent some time crocheting this weekend. I found this really nice pattern for a crocheted little owl and really enjoyed putting it together.
Crocheted Little Owl