Handmade Cat Cushion Cover

A handmade cushion cover for my dearest friend, Shannon.

Handmade Cushion Cover Crochet and Cats Buttons Cat Fabric Pattern Cat Fabric Pattern Cat Fabric Pattern

Knitted Aran Jumper & Crocheted Circular Cushion Covers

After a trip to Berlin this month I picked up some beautiful yarn. Naturally I started to crochet the usual circles! But I do feel that it really shows off the fantastic colours throughout the balls of yarn.

20140119_131141 20140119_13115320140119_131025 20140119_131051

This jumper was knitted by my hugely talented neighbour. She also knitted an Aran jumper for my partner in maroon. Seeing how wonderful the jumper came out has inspired me to give knitting a try.20140119_131231 20140119_131347 Knitted beanie from my neighbour.20140119_131411 My attempt at knitting! 20140119_131428

Christmas & Random Acts of Crochet Kindness

The cold, wet weather of Europe has felt more Chirstmassey than ever after an Australian Christmas last year. Snow boots, winter jackets and wooly crocheted hats are keeping me warm, and the wonderful fireplace of course.


Continuing with tradition, I crocheted Christmas presents for my family again this year. A large ball of Aran wool was the perfect choice for wooly beanies. I stuck to a simple pattern as I had six to complete.

Crocheted Aran Beanies 20131123_174605 20131214_113608

After finishing all presents I thought about what to do with the remaining wool. I decided to crochet another beanie for an old friend who I rarely see but speak to every now and then. This would be my second random act of crochet kindness. My first was crocheted bunting which I posted to a friend in Wales. Her life had become a big inspiration to me over the last two years and I wanted to make her something to show my gratitude.

20131122_153715Possibly the most exciting thing about this Christmas was the arrival of two pom-pom makers which I have used to create Christmas decorations and added to the wooly beanies.